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Narrow gardens, broad possibilities: landscaping for effect

Narrow gardens can present a range of landscaping challenges and it can be difficult to see the potential of a long, narrow space; however, there are plenty of things you can do to maximise the available space and make your garden’s proportions appear more regular. Another option is to emphasise the dimensions of a long, narrow garden and create an eclectic and vibrant space filled with flowers pots, planters and outdoor wall decor.

Narrow gardens broad possibilities

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Add depth and interest

Adding curves in the form of curved flowerbeds or a meandering path, for example, draws the eye in and can create the illusion of a wider space. A winding path in particular takes the focus away from the boundary walls or fences, allowing you to create an interesting flow by placing large planters or small trees in the bends of your path. Adding different levels also works well in a narrow garden. House to Home suggests introducing elements such as raised paths, arches and low walls to break up the garden’s length and to add depth and interest to the space.

Adding an outdoor living area

A patio or area of outdoor decking adds interest to your garden, with a compact cast iron furniture set a great match for a narrow space; however, you will need a covered area or self-contained structure if you want to enjoy your garden all year round. You might be reluctant to add a traditional summerhouse or log cabin to your narrow garden, feeling the proportions look wrong or that you will be losing valuable outdoor space by installing a structure large enough to offer a practical entertaining space. If this is the case, consider an alternative to a traditional summerhouse, such as a shepherds hut.

Companies such as cotswoldshepherdshuts have been supplying these quirky huts for many years. Not only do they provide a practical and comfortable space for work, play or even sleeping but they also add interest to any garden.

Create an eclectic wonderland

If your garden is extremely narrow, the best option can be to play to the strengths of your space and create a colourful, vibrant area crammed with a variety of pots, planters, shrubs and wall decor. Add outdoor mirrors to garden walls, string fairy lights from trellises, and fill awkward spaces with mis-matched pots of flowers.


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