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Movie Night

People love movies and going to the cinema. Movie making is a multi billion dollar industry and even though the way we watch them might be evolving, there is certainly no end in sight for the film production industry. Whether we are watching on a huge IMAX screen, an iPad or streaming on our flat screen TVs – we can’t get enough of movies of all genres. Why do we love them so much?

Movies are the most approachable of all the mass arts and  probably the most emotionally engaging.  Art,  music, theatre and literature offer similar levels of emotion and experience but movies have the ability to encompass elements of all those arts, often at the same time.  We can get a visual, an auditory and an emotional pull from a movie that we don’t always achieve through another medium. They work on our brains like nothing else and they bring about community like nothing else. There’s something magical about seeing a movie in a space with as many people as possible. Thinking about investing in your own unique home cinema system? For Home Automation Companies, visit http://digitalinteriors.co.uk/.

Movies are an escapism into a world that doesn’t exist. We can experience all the highs and lows of emotional turmoil, but know that we are safe from the real hurt. They could be described as an experience simulator ride. Attitudes and ideas of a time from the past can be viewed for historical purposes. Whether right or wrong, movies offer us a chance to question our beliefs and our history as they record for all time the moments in history. On screen there is a visual record of a moment captured in time for future generations to see.  This can tell us a great deal about how people of that era felt about things. They can offer us comfort and nostalgia.

Movie Night

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The reason for loving film and cinema doesn’t have to be anything tangible. It’s all about how it makes you feel. It’s like when you read a great book, you enter a world that is separate from where you are, but you relate to the characters and get lost in the pages. It makes you happy or sad, it makes you laugh and also cry. Movies do that, but more directly and a good film resonates with you and will have you still talking about it years later.

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Movies give you somewhere to escape to in which you can be anywhere and be anyone at any time in history. They give you the opportunity to dream and be whatever you want to be for a couple of hours. They are the art form that have the most impact on people. People love stories, people love fantasies, and they love it because it gives us an experience that we might never have in real life. People also love stories because they relate to some of them.


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