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More top WordPress tips for beginners

In addition to the tips listed in our previous post, here are some more great tips for your WordPress web site:

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Editing permalink

The permalink is your site’s website link, as seen on the web. You want to use permalinks that reflects your post or pages.

For example:

could be changed to

You can see the difference here – the second url announces the posts right off the bat, which is more helpful for search engine indexing. To access your permalinks, go to Settings > Permalinks.

Use screen options

Screen options is at the top right side of your WordPress admin. It can be used to improve your experience as you work, helping you to control what shows or doesn’t show on a screen. Sometimes, you may have installed new plugins and are not seeing features showing – always check your screen options, as you may need to enable an option before it appears.

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Website display

Check and manage website display using ‘Reading’ setting (Setting > Reading). ‘Your homepage display’ is automatically set to show your latest post. However, if you want to display a static page, this can be done here by selecting ‘static page’ instead and then choosing a specific page that you want to show as your homepage.

At ‘blog page / syndication post page’, you can set the number of posts to display on your blog page, as well as in the RSS feeds. Search engine visibility should also be unchecked unless you want your website hidden from search. A specialist in WordPress web design in London (https://happy2host.com/) may be help you with more technical changes.

Title and subtitles

Use titles and subtitles that are targeted and keyword-rich. They must be relevant to the article’s content and must correctly describe it.

On page linking

Links encourage users to stay longer on your blog. It is now quite easy to add links in WordPress by first highlighting the text you wish to link and clicking on the link icon from the top of the top pane. A small screen will popup – you may then add the url, page or post you wish to link to. When doing outbound links, check the box to have the url open in a new window, so users won’t leave your site.


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