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Missing Tooth? Get your Smile Back Now

Have you lost your confidence just because of your missing tooth? Do you find that your charming smile is all lost? Then I must say that it is high time that you should buck up against all these atrocities and start finding a quick solution to it. Specially now, when you have the solution right before your eyes? Feeling confused? Well now, dental implant can bring back your long lost confidence and can help you a lot in filling the gaps between your teeth. With the help of these, go back to your own smiling self, and charm the world!

Does it sound perfectly unbelievable? Well that is not the fact though. Now, more and more people are going for dental implants and due to this surgery many people are getting back their former ways of chewing and speaking as well which, for the time being had been deformed.

What is this implant dentistry? How does it work?

It is actually a new branch of dentistry in which the missing tooth is replaced with an artificial one, which looks just like the real one. These implants are placed rigidly in to the jawbone with the help of surgery so that the bonding of the teeth is strong and the person may not have any problem in chewing, speaking or smiling. In this procedure, the dentist does the job of drilling a hole in to your jawbone after which and implant is screwed and fixed tightly to it so that it is durable enough.

Missing Tooth

Does it sound painful? Well it is definitely not as much as you are imagining it to be. Well this is because the dentists use local anesthesia and most patients are comfortable with it and do not feel a thing. And if the patient is too anxious about it, sometimes sedation is also done. It is true that you may have some kind of discomforts for a month or two immediately after having the implants but then things will slowly turn normal and you will find yourself relaxing on this issue.

How is dental implant surgery advantageous?

This kind of surgery is advantageous in the following ways:

  • Cost efficient- Dental implants cost is not much at all. There are various kinds of implants and you can choose the one that suits you well. So to have it you do not have to burn a hole in to your pocket.
  • Long lasting- When implants are done, they are fixed in a way that they do not fall off easily in any way, so they are reliable as well as long lasting.
  • They look perfectly real and implants cannot be differentiated in any way. This is because they look so real that it is impossible to mark it apart from the real teeth. This is a great advantage of having an implant.
  • If you have crooked teeth due to any accident then you can have the implant done too. This will help you in recovering any imperfections that may seem problematic to you.

Therefore, dental implants can be a great choice, especially when dental implants cost is less and you can easily afford it.


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