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Mermaid Hair – Bring Out Your Inner Ariel

2016 is officially the year of the mermaid – with shiny sparkly fabrics making a comeback, the trend is at its best in the world of hair. With Instagram leading the trend, if you are curious of how to get this amazing look, there are a wide range of variations and colours so have fun with it and be creative.

Mermaid Hair

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These are the things you need to know first:

Get the hair in the best possible condition that you can. It is going to go through a lot in the dying process and if you want it to be as gorgeous as Ariel, then make sure you always use a good conditioner, and that is regularly trimmed to ensure there are no split ends.

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The most important thing to do, if you are going to do it yourself, is to bleach the hair first. Make sure that you remove all the colour from the hair so that when you add the bright colours to it, they look amazing. Crazy Color is a great dye to use, with their colours being bold and vibrant, and come in a range of different shades. Before you commit, take a look at some pictures, if you are visiting a salon speak with the stylist who will take your skin tone and personal preferences into account and come up with the perfect shade for you.

Mermaid Hair3

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After you have taken the plunge into glistening waters of mermaid hair, remember to look after it! Use a good conditioner, and a shampoo that is specifically designed for coloured hair. To keep it looking fresh, it is important to seal the colour in, so go easy on heated products like straighteners and curling tongs, and if you need to use them use a heat protection spray first and a serum that will lock in the colour before you heat it up.

So there you go – if you dare, take the plunge and have fun being a mermaid!


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