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Making the most out of the visuals in your business.

Marketing and sales has been key for any business wanting to survive and grow. But how we market has been changing and as a nation we are becoming more and more visual. This is where photographs and video content, whether this is traditional video footage or animated, is at the forefront of a business marketing strategy. But are you making the most out of the visual collateral in your business and utilising the social media platforms available to you? Businesses that have before and after results such as Blocked Drains Kent businesses and decorators work incredibly well on social media as the results of their work can be immediately seen.

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There are of course the most well know platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and all of these have the capacity to post images and videos to enhance your interaction and engagement levels. But have you looked at some of the other platforms that are more about the images you share rather than the words you type?

  • Instagram – This is in essence a purely visual platform although you do have the ability to use text whenever you wish, and it is important to make the most out of the hashtags that you use alongside your images. It is a photo-sharing platform and with very little effort you can increase the engagement you receive from people with your business. It is a great platform for business to customer products and services but also for visual based businesses such as photographers and writers and is a great platform to use if you are having a giveaway or holding an event.
  • Pinterest – This site will help you to build web visits but only if the images you use are of a good high standard. Good quality images have the ability to go viral very quickly as this is an incredibly visual platform. Anyone in the fashion industry or who makes items such as jewellery tend to do very well on Pinterest. Also, businesses who are clever with the way they convert text based information into images will do well on this platform.

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  • YouTube – As the second largest search engine (it is owned by Google) it is important that you have some sort of video embedded into your website and across your social media, especially from a search engine optimisation perspective as video is much more likely to appear in search results than websites.

So, there are some ideas for you to make the most out of the visuals in your business.


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