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Lovejoy’s search continues.

Remember Lovejoy? I previously told you elsewhere how he and his team had come the small American town of Stars Hollow hot on the trial of some diamonds stolen in a wardrobe belonging to lady Jane. We continue with the conversation in Kim’s antiques.

“What do you mean, Diamonds!” Mrs Kim was still very angry or seemed that way. A young Korean girl swept up the bits of vase that Eric had smashed not earwigging at all.

“They were stashed inside the wardrobe”, explained Lovejoy.

“What were you doing with it?” asked Mrs Kim.

“I was, um, repairing it”, said Lovejoy.

“By making a copy of it”, chipped in Eric trying to make up for the whole vase fiasco.

“You are foragers!” said a further incredulous Mrs Kim. She was not having a good day. This was not helped by an elderly English gentleman in tweed attempting to flirt with her. He was about to do it again.

“Come, come Mrs Kim. We are but weary travellers drawn to your shop, a most beautiful one at that. Dear lady can you not see it in your wonderful heart to tell us where you sold the wardrobe?” said Tinker in full effect.

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“No! Now pay for the vase”, she said.

Lovejoy handed over the agreed $200

“We appreciate your business. Now go.” Mrs Kim pointed to the door and the trio filled out sadly.

“What now?” said Eric.

“I don’t know”, said Lovejoy the trail is cold. Suddenly a voice calls out.

“Hey you guys.” It is the young Korean girl speaking and she has a piece of paper in her hand.

“Hello, my dear, can we help you?” says Tinker quickly. He sees an opportunity here as the younger Kim seems a bit different to her Mother.

“The wardrobe was bought by my best friends Grandmother. They live in this address in Hartford”, said the girl.

“Thank you” says Lovejoy. He turns to the camera like he does and says “The trail is warm again. Let’s be off to Hartford”.

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“Get the door Gabriella!” shouted Emily Gilmore. Here 18th Century wardrobe sat proudly in her living room. She might have to look at a Loft conversions Bristol company that she knew to accommodate it like the ones she’d seen at http://www.caineslofts.co.uk/. Although maybe not as she had plans for it becoming a drinks cabinet. That would stir up the next Daughters of the American revolution meeting. She’d have to answer the door herself it would seem. Oh well, another maid gone. What she did not expect to find was a mulleted, ruggedly handsome Antiques dealer, a fresh faced bumbler and tweed wearing late middle aged gentleman smiling broadly at her like butter wouldn’t melt.

“Hello, love”, spoke the mulleted one. “Can we have a quick look at your recently purchased wardrobe? I am an antiques dealer. Here’s my card”.

“If you could dear lady, we would appreciate it”, said the tweed man.

Emily could never resist the British accent.


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