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Lighting options for your loft

So, you’ve set up your attic for easy access, extended the loft ladder and made it more reliable – but what is the point if you can’t see what you’re doing when you’re up there! A torch is not reliable enough, so you need some effective lighting in your attic – but what kind is best?

Fluorescent Lighting

There are a number of reasons why fluorescent lamps are an excellent choice for most lofts. Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, they are far more energy efficient for the same output, and they scatter the light more evenly throughout the room. Many alternatives generate pools of light, with the rest of the room in shadow.

It is important to consider the placement, as you won’t want to hit them when moving things in and out of the loft. They will save money, though, as well as being good for the environment, and they do not heat up as incandescent bulbs do.

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LED Panel

To really make sure your lights are not going to be loose, you can fit an LED panel, which sits flush with the roof beams or insulation board. They are even cheaper to run than fluorescent lamps, but they have the disadvantage of costing much more to buy initially. For lights that sit flush in the ceiling, you’ll want to avoid draughts entering the room. For Downlight Covers that prevent draughts, visit a site like www.thermahooddirect.com/

Hidden spotlights

If you have already covered roof beams or if you’re leaving them open, you can install hidden spotlights discreetly in between them. The advantage here is that you can position a number of lights to produce brighter downlighting without them being too intrusive.

Various types of spotlight are available. The most efficient, and increasingly driven by regulation, is the LED. Again, these will be durable, efficient and cheaper to run, but will represent a sizable expenditure when you first install them.

Natural Lighting

You need artificial lighting in your attic, at least for a trip there after dark, but there is no reason why you should need to rely on them in the day-time. Even if you only use your loft, rather than go for full conversion, it is not difficult to have a skylight set into the roof.

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Natural light, of course, has the advantage of being free and does not need to be turned on and off. In addition, it is also the most efficient type of lighting of all, bouncing around every corner of the room.

If you need cable lighting or skylights set into the roof, this is a job for professionals and not attempted by DIYers, no matter how skilled they may be.


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