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Lessons we can learn about Christmas from Mr Bean

We all know Mr Bean has the best intentions – and Christmas is no exception. He just doesn’t always get it quite right – so what can we learn about Christmas from Mr Bean?

DO – have fun – If there is one thing Mr Bean is good at it is having fun. He spent a large amount of his Christmas shopping time playing with the nativity scene characters, introducing traditional Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a small army of soldiers and their tank, before airlifting baby Jesus to safety with an angel cleverly attached to a helicopter. An important part of Christmas is having fun – often forgotten underneath mountains of chores, so we could all take a leaf out of Bean’s book and try to enjoy ourselves a little more and stress a little less.

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DON’T – Mess up your Christmas dinner! Of course one of Mr Beans most famous mishaps, was not only his attempt to microwave a turkey, but also the fact that he got it stuck on his head whilst looking for his watch that he lost whilst stuffing it! Make sure that you are well prepared and know who is coming for dinner, order online in advance for your delivery – this guarantees that you will get what you want before Christmas and you don’t have to navigate the crazy supermarket stampede!

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DO – Think about charities at Christmas time – Mr Bean does a great job of conducting the brass band collecting for charity, drawing in quite a crowd with his jazzed up version of carols! Think about local charities in your area that you may be able to give some of your time to around the Christmas period, or maybe you could donate some food to local homeless charities and food banks to help make someone else’s Christmas a little happier.

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DON’T – Forget to send Christmas cards – Mr Bean sent plenty – to himself (all the same design of course!) – make sure you check the last days for Christmas post, for 1st and 2nd class and if you are sending cards overseas check the dates for posting these too. If you are sending gifts by post, it is also worth checking what you can and can’t send in the post to avoid your parcel being destroyed and not reaching the receiver!

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