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Land Rover to Restore a Further 25 Series I Vehicles

It’s a true British icon, standing alongside St Paul’s Cathedral, the Spitfire and Stephen Fry in the hearts of people up and down the land.

Land Rover to Restore a Further 25 Series I Vehicles

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And now, in a move that will warm the cockles of true petrolheads everywhere, Land Rover have announced that they are to factory restore another 25 examples of the legendary Series I Land Rover.

Before you start reaching for your credit card, though, you should know that this slice of national heritage will not come cheap. Land Rover Classic are saying the cost will be between £60,000 and £80,000. This will depend on whether you plump for the 86-inch or 80-inch chassis. Yes, you could buy a brand new Range Rover for that price.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you could pick up an old Landy yourself much more cheaply and get it restored by a company such as www.acefinishcarrepairs.com near Cambridge powder coating alloy wheels and all.

However, if you choose to go with Land Rover Classic, what would you get for your money?

A Genuine Series I

First of all, this is no replica. Land Rover Classic are hand-picking genuine Series I chassis and rebuilding them to the original 1948 factory specification. You’ll get the option to choose from five original paint finishes: Poppy Red, RAF Blue, Bronze Green, Dove Grey and the classic Light Green.

Choose Your Own and Follow the Restoration

As a customer, you work with Land Rover Classic to choose the base vehicle, and then you can follow every step of the restoration. What’s more, the work will take place at the birthplace of Land Rover, the original Defender factory in deepest, darkest Solihull.

Of course, all of this means that you aren’t going to get your hands on this new pride and joy overnight. In fact, if you order one today you would be likely to take delivery in about 26 to 39 weeks, according to The Telegraph.

So is it worth it? Well a Series I will be uncomfortable, cold, cost a fortune to run, break down constantly, be unbelievably slow and cost the earth to insure. But it still costs less than many modern cars, and even with the rebuild you’ll still receive it sooner. And it’s a genuine piece of history.


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