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Interior design with a twist

We all know that the way we choose to decorate our home says a lot about us, and the same can be said of the office as well. The structure, layout and decor of the office will be saying a lot about the company and the people who work there. With fierce competition for top graduate hiring and retaining the best candidates, some companies will go the extra mile to ensure that their office is ergonomic, attractive and full of sophisticated technology.

Some of the most impressive offices in the world demonstrate innovative thinking by including things like a garden on the roof, a nap corner in the conference room and multi-coloured decors. Ideas of design are becoming more and more focused on working practices and not just looking at workers like little ant on the production line. Customization can also be about taking your company ethos and incorporating that into the design of office space as well. The furniture choice is just as important. For a range of Operator Chairs, visit a site like Best Buy Office Chairs, suppliers of Operator Chairs

Iheartmedia offices in the US look like something from a sci-fi movie. Shades of grey feature heavily but with pods of suddenly bright contrasting colours in the free-standing conference rooms. Most of the space is open plan but there are private pods for meetings.

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One office in Russia has a series of mini-offices separated by a sliding door from the main corridor but a common room full of bean bag chairs offer free space for impromptu meetings and hanging out.

Atlas Holdings has very strange offices indeed with what looks like a floating conference room. The finance company wanted the ‘wow’ factor and has a long list of people waiting to use the rooms. Maybe floating above others really does inspire some ‘blue sky thinking’.

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