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How your Cat can Enjoy the Outdoors Safely

The debate on indoor cat’s vs outdoor cats will continue to rage on and there are certainly pros and cons to both. But if you are of the view that you would like your cat not to go outdoors there are many people who not only share the view, but also ways that you can allow your cat to enjoy some time outside whilst being safe from theft and road traffic accidents.

The deadliest thing that cats who are allowed to roam freely outdoors is traffic. But other issues include poisoning, theft and cats getting trapped in buildings or outhouses by mistake. Most people who own pedigree cats prefer to keep them indoors and many of the breeders of these cats also have a contract which specifies that the cat must be kept indoors as theft is a bigger issue, as well as the fact that some breeds, such as ragdolls and Persians seem to have no fear and are more likely to be stolen or killed.

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If you want to allow your cat access to the outdoors, you could build a cat run or a catio – a run that adjoins your home and allows the cat access from the window. There are many companies that can provide these and even build them for you, or if you are quite handy when it comes to woodwork, you could build your own – you just need some wood from somewhere such as this timber merchants Southampton, some wire mesh, and a lock and some hinges if you will have an exterior door.

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If you don’t have room for a catio, or you prefer to supervise your cat outdoors, as well as letting it explore larger areas, why not train it to walk on a harness? Many cats get used to walking on harnesses and enjoy it, and there are a wide range available so you will be bound to find one that suits your cat. Just take care if you are taking it out of the garden that you keep an eye out for loose dogs and other things which may harm the cat.


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