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How to maximize the space in your kitchen

Cupboards and cabinets can get quite messy when they are not organized effectively. No matter how many cabinets you install, if you do not have the organization in place, you will not know where things are. You need to make the most of the potential of the kitchen you have on offer, because this is one room where storage is very important. Here are some creative ways to give your cabinets a much-needed makeover:

Change up your shelves

Can you remember the last time you reorganized your cupboard shelves? Just because you always have your shelves that way, does not mean they have to stay that way forever. You can have a lot of empty space between items, especially between the top of items and the shelf above.

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Utilizing shelf risers

If you could do with a bit more space but do not want to install additional racks, you can use a shelf riser. This is an incredibly useful gadget which effectively doubles the amount of space that can be used in a single shelf. Alternatively, consider overhauling the whole set up with Kitchens Swindon at a site like https://www.mptiles.co.uk/kitchens/

Get smart with file holders

You may not think that you can use office equipment in the kitchen, but file holders make useful cupboard organizers. You can them to stack cutting boards, pans, dishes and install them horizontally or vertically.

Magazine racks

Just like with a file holder, magazine racks can be just as useful. A magazine rack is the ideal size for bottles, especially wooden ones that are turned on their side. This is a great way of repurposing an old magazine rack.

Door hooks

Hooks attached to the back of the cupboard door are a good idea to create extra space. You can hang spoons, cooking utensils and measuring cups from hooks, saving space in other areas.

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Tension rods for a spice rack

By taking a tension rod and attaching it near the rear of the cabinet, you have an easy and fast rack ideal for jars of spices and other small containers that would otherwise be taking up valuable rack space.


Another space-saving hack is to get some containers in the same size and shape that can be stacked together to create more space and this looks much neater as well.

Utilizing the bottom of the cupboard

If your cupboard is crowded and you do not think anything else could possibly fit, why not consider the space under the cabinet? You can stick a hook on the bottom to hold mugs or even a magnetic strip on which a spice rack can be suspended, for example.

Remember the sides

Just as with the underneath, the sides can be used as well. Let no usable space go unused! The sides of cabinets are perfect for things like storage shelves, racks and hooks in a space that would otherwise be wasted.


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