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How to keep your lawn lush in a heatwave

As the weather heats up, we want to spend more time enjoying our gardens. Unfortunately, heatwaves can be difficult for lawns to cope with, and with the possibility of hosepipe bans, planning how to look after your lawn in extended hot periods is well worth thinking about. Here are our tips for looking after your lawn:

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Before the warm weather hits, consider de-compacting your soil. Water is less easily absorbed by compacted earth, so spending a little time loosening the soil with a fork or rotovator can pay dividends.


When it comes to watering in a heatwave, timing is everything. If you put your sprinkler on during the day, the water may evaporate before it has time to soak into the soil. Instead, water your lawn either in the morning or in the evening. These cooler times will give the soil a chance to absorb the water.

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Don’t Feed

Many lawn fertilisers are in granule form, and they need repeated bouts of rain to dissolve and get into the soil. During a heatwave, this doesn’t happen. This means that the fertiliser sits on the surface and can burn the grass, causing damage.

As lawn growth slows down in very hot weather, you may not need to fertilise at all. If you feel that you do, select a brand which comes in a liquid formula and is recommended for using during hot weather.

Cut Long

Help shade the ground by giving your grass a long cut. Most mowers will allow you to adjust the cut height; consult your manual for more information. It’s also best to use a sharp blade to cut the grass. If yours is blunt, you should consider replacing from a lawnmower parts supplier such as Briggs and Stratton Parts https://diyengineparts.com/Brand/1/briggs-and-stratton

Leave the Cuttings

ather than raking away any trimmings, leave them as mulch. This will provide another layer of protection between the sun and your lawn, helping to keep water in.

Save Water

With hosepipe bans looming, make the most of what nature provides by installing a water butt. Collect the run-off from your gutters and use this for watering. It’s not uncommon to get storms during a heatwave, so be ready to collect.

Follow these tips and your lawn should look great, no matter how hot it gets.


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