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How to have a happy retirement

Retiring is something to look forward to for many people, but it can take some adjusting to now you have all that free time. You’ll want to find ways to keep active, fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Here are some tips for a happy retirement:

  1. Sort out your finances

Ideally, do this before you retire so you know what you have to live on. Before retiring, try to reduce your spending to make the adjustment easier. Make sure you have claimed any benefits you are entitled to, seek out any old pensions and be sure to claim your state pension.

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  1. Be prepared for the ups and downs

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit lost or a little lonely occasionally. Don’t expect life to suddenly become a bed of roses, you’ll still have good days and bad days. Try to think positively, even if changes to your health or relationships occur. Have a back-up plan in case your ideal retirement doesn’t go exactly as planned. Remember to challenge yourself, with learning something new like a language, an instrument or a qualification in something you enjoy.

  1. Stick to a routine

It can help to keep life feeling more normal by sticking to a routine of getting up and going to bed roughly the same time as you did when you worked. Keep a regular routine of activities such as clubs, hobbies, volunteer work and anything that gives you a satisfying sense of purpose.

  1. Seek social support

Work can provide many people with the social input and support they need, and so retirement can come as a bit of a shock, with people feeling at loose end or lonely. Don’t sit at home but join clubs and groups with similar interests as your own. Consider park home living for easy access to a range of social activities. For Bedfordshire Park Homes, visit http://www.parkhomelife.com/park_pineview.aspx

  1. Active minds

Studies have shown that learning in later life helps people to remain independent. Whatever it is that takes your fancy, be it reading, studying, puzzles, entering quizzes or playing an instrument – challenging your mind is as good for you as physical exercise.

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  1. Active bodies

Everyone should be aiming for around 2 hours of moderate exercise per week and if this hasn’t been part of your routine, perhaps it’s time to build it up gradually. Even gardening is considered moderate exercise, so don’t think you have to go jogging. Join a bowls club or take up swimming. You’ll enjoy the social aspect too.

  1. Own a pet

There are always dogs and cats that are need of a new home. Perhaps you could devote some of your time to caring for a new furry friend? It is well-known scientific fact that pet ownership has positive effects on both mental and physical health and well-being. People with pets are happier, enjoy better health and give you a feeling of belonging and purpose.



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