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How to get your art out there

If you are an aspiring artist then you will be wanting to explore different ways in which to get your artwork noticed. A big problem for artists is how to get their work seen and here we’ll look at some options in getting your work out into the public view.

Making good use of social media is crucial for the up and coming artist as it gives a perfect, global platform for your work to be seen. Create a Facebook page so that people can see it, share it and comment on it. People spend so much time on social media these days that not doing this would be to waste a huge opportunity. Don’t just repeat information that is on your website, give people a reason to like and follow you by adding extra things to your Facebook page. If your website is a gallery for your completed works then save sketches and works in progress for your Facebook page and let people feel more involved in the creative process.

Starting a blog is another great way to get exposure for your art. It will involve a regular commitment to post new content of the. Don’t worry about not having anything to write because if you sit and think about it for a few minutes then you will realise that there are loads of things you can share about your work as an artist. Talk about the processes involved in creating a new piece or any stories behind it and what inspired you. Advertise any shows or displays you have coming up and provide tutorials on how to do something. Anything to do with art is great for topics for an art blog.

How to get your art out there

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When displaying your work in various locations, you may not want to transport the originals for reasons of safety and so it is useful to look into Artwork Copying. Having reproductions of an exceptionally high quality will mean that you can display and sell copies of your original artwork. Giclee printing offers high quality specialist printing methods onto archival paper and will give you the closest possible copy of the original. For more information, visit http://www.river-studio.com/services/index.php.

As an artist, your website will undoubtedly contain examples of your best work and as such it is essential that you optimise your website images. They must have alt text, good filenames and relevant text surrounding them otherwise search engines will struggle to know what they are. This could have a negative effect on the number of people finding your work through search engines. Improving your online presence will have a huge benefit on your business and if you’re not sure if your website is working for you then it might be advisable to contact a professional website design company.

Why not think about entering some art competitions? It might sound a little cheesy and you might not be the competitive type but think of it as more exposure than contest and you’ll soon realise that the more you enter, the more your work is being seen.


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