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How to Ditch the Heels at a Wedding

They say that your wedding day passes by in the blink of an eye. However, for the guests the day can feel like an altogether longer (and sometimes more arduous) affair.

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An article in GTB provides a timeline for the average British wedding day following a Church of England service. It runs from 12:30pm to midnight. That’s a whopping 12 hours of ceremonies, speeches, eating, drinking and dancing. If you’re a guest in attendance for the whole day, then it’s really important to be comfortable as well as stylish.

One way to avoid unnecessary discomfort is by ditching inappropriate high heels. There are ways to show the happy couple you’ve made an effort without compromising on comfort and style. Here are a few ways that you can wear sensible footwear and still look fabulous.

Wear a Long Gown

Weddings are a perfect opportunity to get dressed up, and there are a number of wedding guest dresses on the market that allow you to feel glamorous. Gliding gowns, maxi dresses and long pleated skirts are great formal wear but also have the added bonus of disguising whatever shoe you opt for. A high heel would be hidden under the rippling length of one of these outfits and would thus be utterly pointless.

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A Jumpsuit

The right jumpsuit can be effortlessly stylish and chic for a wedding and makes a nice alternative to a standard dress. Best of all, you can dress a jumpsuit up with a flat ankle boot to create a sophisticated (and painless) look.

A Knee-Length Dress

The latest wedding guest dress fashion comes in the knee-length variety. There is something very classic and elegant about this look, and it can be worn very easily with wedges, open-toe sandals and even a pointed patent pump. Strappy sandals have the added benefit of giving the illusion of longer legs.


Although many people would balk at the idea of wearing trainers to a wedding, these days there are some truly stunning sneaks on the market with all sorts of embellishments, including glitter, jewels and patterns. While this might not be suitable for a formal wedding, it could work for a more laidback occasion such as a festival wedding. Lily Allen once wore trainers with a prom dress, so it can work!


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