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How to clean your football boots

If you are a parent to a football-playing youngster, you are probably familiar with them coming home from each match covered from head to toe in mud and grass stains.

How to clean your football boots

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In addition to throwing their kit in the wash and pointing them in the direction of the shower, you will more than likely have to deal with a pair of mud-covered football boots left by the back door.

What is the best way to tackle this not very pleasant job? Here are some top tips:

Knock it off!

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the loose dirt by knocking the boots together. Do remember to do this outside; otherwise, your house is going to get covered in mud and bits of grass.

After any excess mud has been knocked to the floor, use a soft brush – an old toothbrush is ideal – to scrape off as much of the remaining mud as you can. Getting into the creases and folds is easier with a smaller brush.

The next stage of the cleaning process depends on the material from which your child’s boots are made.

How to clean your football boots2

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Leather must be handled carefully if you want it to retain its looks and properties. First, remove any remaining mud stains with a soft, damp cloth. You can use a specialist leather cleaner, but this is not usually necessary.

The main thing to remember is to let the boots dry naturally. According to BBC Sport, putting them next to a heat source will cause them to crack; instead, give them a quick dry with an old towel, stuff some newspaper inside to help keep the shape, and leave them somewhere away from the heat.


Synthetic boots will require cleaning with a dilute solution of mild detergent or a specialist cleaner. Remember to wipe them gently and to test an inconspicuous area first if you have not done this before.

Some materials will be able to withstand a wash in a washing machine; however, as with leather boots, allow them to dry naturally.

If you are also in charge of washing your team’s cheap football kits, which are available from suppliers such as https://www.kitking.co.uk, remember that gentle washing methods are always best.

Using non-bio detergent is better for both the environment and your skin.


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