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How to choose the perfect carpet

A soft, welcoming carpet is an important element of a room. Here are a few ways to ensure you choose the perfect carpet for your home.

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Find the right match for your lifestyle

Select the colour palette that matches your home and your requirements. Lighter, neutral tones can open up a room while being less likely to date, whereas bold colours can add a distinctive, eye-catching edge to a room and disguise stains more easily.

However, there’s more to consider than just how it looks, as the pile and material should be matched to your lifestyle and needs. For instance, vacuum stripes and footprints often show clearly on twisted, dense pile and plush carpeting, so these types of carpet are better for areas with less use. For spaces frequently walked on, consider Berber, with its more durable, flat and dense pile that doesn’t easily show stains, footprints or vacuum marks. Frieze carpet, meanwhile, is soft underfoot and hides marks and footprints well. Opt for durable but easy to clean carpet if you have pets or children. For stairs, cut-pile and thicker carpet works better, especially over the edges of steps. It’s also worth considering that organic, renewable materials help with sustainability and keep your home healthier.

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Manage maintenance expectations

Padding, quality cleaning and the right carpet material can reduce the maintenance required. Foam or rubber padding underneath your carpet will add support, extra heat and sound insulation. It’s wise to Invest in professional carpet cleaning, and for carpet cleaners Cheltenham is well-served.

Quality carpet could also boost your house value, with it now being preferred by many buyers. Again, for Carpet Cleaners Cheltenham has plenty of choice, so if you’re selling your home, get the professionals to give your carpets a fresh lease of life.

Work within your budget

Carpet tiles are a good idea if you may need to be regularly replacing individual parts that suffer soiling and stains. You may want to invest more on areas where your carpet will get more use, but check the variation of materials and prices. For instance, wool is similar in feel to synthetics like nylon, but is far pricier. Read the small print on warranties and choose your carpet provider carefully. They should have a range of pricing options, with knowledgeable staff and a quality team of installers.


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