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How to be a better gift giver

There are times when seeing an item in a shop or browsing on the internet makes you think immediately of a loved one and how much you think they might like it; the cat-shaped door knocker that looks like it would make your friend love it instantly? Think before you buy! While these presents seem like they would be well received and show some thought insofar as you have demonstrated that you know what they like; but is the gift going to be used?

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This is something that gift givers need to consider before making that ‘perfect’ purchase. People prefer to be able to utilise a gift that has been chosen for them. What’s even better is if you can manage to demonstrate how much you know the person while choosing something they can use.

The meaning behind ‘meaningful’ gifts

Imagine receiving the gift that you don’t need? Rather than making you feel warm and cosy you might feel annoyed as you try to think of a way to utilise it in case you offend the giver. This may affect your relationship with them. Don’t let the meaning sour your friendship.

Simple and practical

Don’t go over the top; choose something that is straightforward and practical as most people prefer this. Give them a sensible voucher for somewhere they can use instead of a voucher for somewhere more expensive they wouldn’t dream of going into. Being able to utilise a gift is a gift worth receiving. We overestimate how much the receiver considers how much we have spent on something, so keep it reasonable.

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Combining desirable with enjoyable

If you factor in these two things you will have more success. What does the person need in their life and how can you make it special for them? If your friend or family member enjoys relaxing and meditating or taking time out for themselves why not look at a selection of Essential Oils from places such as https://www.quinessence.com/essential-oils and perhaps a nice diffuser to place them in. It is all about thinking about the person you are buying for and knowing them well.

No surprises

The giver always thinks that the receiver wants to be surprised by their gift. This is most often not the case as people want what they need, so avoid doing this. It may not end well and may reflect badly on you.



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