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How Science will Save the World

As a pandemic sweeps the world, some groups of people have started to emerge as heroes – obviously doctors and nurses, as well as refuse collectors, shop workers and bus drivers to name but a few. There is another group of people that most of us don’t give a second thought to who are ultimately going to be the people who save the world and get us all out of this mess – and that is the scientists.

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With many vaccines in development and good indications that the Oxford vaccine is going to be successful, it is down to the hard work of this often unseen part of society that we may soon have a way to stop this deadly virus in it’s tracks. As Edward Jenner and Jonas Salk before them, the scientists working on this have the ability to save millions of lives as well as giving all of us our lives back!

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One of the good things about this is that there is hope that this may have also inspired many young people who are still in school or college and considering their future careers to get into science. There are many different careers in science from a lab relocation service to a laboratory technician to teaching. It goes to show how important science is to our lives and how research and investigation are always important in many different fields – whether it is curing a deadly disease or tackling climate change it looks as though it is the scientists who are going to be saving the world for us all.


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