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How Not to Choose a Wedding Photographer

When your big day is over, all you have left are the photos to remind you of the grand occasion for the rest of your life. So, it’s pretty essential to find the right photographer. Finding the perfect photographer for your event isn’t easy but here are some things you shouldn’t base your decision on alone:

  1. Amazing Discounts

We all love a bargain but remember that a great photographer can make a budget event look like a million bucks while a bad one can make a top dollar wedding look tacky. You need to look at these photos forever more so it’s not a bargain if you end up hating them. A reasonable discount is good, a deep discount should be questioned. Paying for a photographer must cover their high-end equipment, insurance and professional printing. A heavy discount might suggest they’re cutting corners somewhere, as will you be if you hire the cheapest possible photographer

  1. We shoot hundreds of weddings

Yes, you want your photographer to have great experience, but a busy studio is not always the best for your event. If a studio tells you that they shoot hundreds of weddings a year, then they are either one or two exhausted photographers working every weekend, or they are outsourcing or using assistants. Neither of these will necessarily cause you any problems but it might give you an indication of how they handle the workload. Will you be getting someone tired, inexperienced or completely unknown to you? It’s important to know who will be taking the shots at your wedding.

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  1. A family member will do it free

Perhaps you have a family member with an interest in photography or a relative who’s just finished art college. Having someone you know offer to do something free of charge is extremely tempting. However, if it all goes wrong, do you want bad feeling among the family? Sometimes free just isn’t worth the associated hassle. While someone might be great at certain shots, will they know how to correctly light a dark venue, for example? What if the images get lost or the relative has a few too many to drink and misses the all-important moments? Choose a professional and avoid the drama.

  1. A stunning portfolio

Being impressed with the work of a photographer is a good reason to consider them but shouldn’t be the only reason. Always meet a photographer in person to see if your personalities gel. This person will be up close and personal with you for a large part of the day, so you’ll want to know if you can work together or not. For a Wedding Photographer Kent, visit http://www.tylermadephotography.com/

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  1. Venue Recommendations

In some cases, venues sell spots on their ‘preferred supplier’ lists. Always ask about a recommendation and if it’s paid advertising or a genuine appreciation for a certain photographer’s work. Some venues will recommend because they like a certain style that shows off their venue in a great way but be sure to ask about why they are recommending someone.


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