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How did tanks change Warfare?

At the start of the first world war, war was fought in trenches. The trenches were designed to make it harder for the enemy to make any advances, but during this time, the idea for the tank came about. Designed in Britain, based on the idea of farming vehicles that are capable of easily crossing all sorts of terrain, including the trenches, the first tanks were fairly unreliable. But as the first world war went on they did a lot to end the horrors of trench warfare. Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Swinton, in 1914 proposed the idea of a vehicle that was capable of crossing trenches. Of course many of the nations had armoured vehicles, but it was the ability to cross trenches that made this idea stand out.

How did tanks change Warfare

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There were many tests and demonstration models made in the rush to find a vehicle that could cope with this sort of terrain, but on September 15th 1916, a total of 36 of these vehicles descended onto the Somme, ready to change the way the war would be fought forever. There were a lot of problems with these early vehicles however, including finding people to drive them – in 1916, very few people had driven a motor vehicle, so training needed to be put in place for potential crews.

By World War 2, tanks had come on a lot since their early days – they took centre stage at many of the battles on the ground, and helped the allies to victory – with the mighty British Churchill Crocodile – with its fearsome flame throwing capabilities, and the speedy and reliable American M4 Sherman tanks, the allies had an impressive armoury that was not to be messed with!

How did tanks change Warfare2

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Of course, tanks continued to evolve after the Second World war had ended – the Cold War era tanks were a show of each side competing to have the best – leading to a flurry of new tanks appearing on either side of the iron curtain – although many were hastily produced and didn’t actually perform well.

Nowadays of course, we are lucky enough to live in a more peaceful world as a whole – and we can thoroughly enjoy the amazing designs of these machines. There are many tank collections up and down the country where you can see tanks from various eras, or if you are feeling adventurous, how about a tank driving experience at https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html – feel how it must have felt to drive one of these great machines on the battlefield. If you are interested in the history of the World Wars as a whole, visit the Imperial War Museum in London – you can learn about the conflicts from world war 1 to today, and it is a wonderful and fascinating insight into the lives that so many lost so that we can enjoy the freedom that we do today.


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