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Hoovers suck but they don’t blow

Without any doubts one of the best and most labour-saving machines that truly does save us time is the Vacuum Cleaner. One person has come to dominate the market Hoover. In fact, so synonymous with the act of vacuuming is Hoover. To be clear though it wasn’t Hoover who invited it. That was James Spangler. It was Hubert Cecil Booth who came up with the idea there should be suction. He almost killed himself proving that, when he had the thought about it a Vacuum cleaner should suck rather than blow. He saw a Vaudevillian inventor showing his idea of a blowing machine unsuccessfully on stage and decide to speak to the man afterwards. “It should suck not blow. Look like this”, Spangler began sucking the back of a leather chair. He sucked so hard that he turned blue and fainted staving himself of oxygen. You don’t need to go that far. If you’re after Office cleaning Cheltenham area then just pop on to this website http://intocleaning.co.uk/services/office-cleaning/ they’ll have a look at this for you.

Despite almost killing himself Spangler was right and he was able to come up with the modern vacuum cleaner as we know it today. Before the vacuum cleaner people only had one option to cleaning carpets. The first was not to have them at all and stick with a bare stone floor with straw rushes on them or tile it. This has a bit dirty and cold so if you had carpet the only thing you could do was wait till a nice day and take them outside and whack the living day lights out of them with a beater. That was fine to get the dust out but to clean the stains, that needed to work of water and more elbow grease.

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It’s not that they vacuum cleaner wasn’t available. There were manual ones that worked on bellows system. This was just as hard work and as tiring as the hit it with a beater method. The early motorised versions, not Spangler’s, were so large and cumbersome that they were horse drawn. The large machine would pull up outside your house and the operator would fire up the boilers as it were then go in with a hose. Obviously, the horse was given some water and told to look after itself for bit.

It was William Hoover who saw the benefits of Spangler’s upright design based on Booths work in suction. Hoover bought the patent for Spangler’s idea and began to develop it under his own companies’ name. Spangler was an employed design consultant and was paid in royalties based on Hoover’s sold. When he died in suddenly, Hoover made sure his family were still paid the royalties recognising the achievement that Spangler had made. As Hoover’s models came to dominate the market, so much so that it became an adjective for doing the act of cleaning, they did very well out of it.


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