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Have I got a bedbug problem?

When you get out of bed in the morning with extremely itchy patches that weren’t there the night before, you could have a bedbug problem. This is even more likely if you recently bought a second-hand bed or any other used items in the same room. Some of the other signs of a bedbug problem include:

Dots of blood staining the pillowcases or bed sheets

An unpleasant musty smell that comes from the glands of bedbugs

Rust coloured spots on the wall by the bed, the duvet, sheets or mattress. These are signs of bedbug excrement

Shells or shed skin from the tiny bugs in areas where they like to hide

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When you think you might be dealing with bedbugs, strip all the bedding from the mattress and look carefully for more signs of where their droppings are. Also check the bed frame and any seams of timber framing. If there is any fabric glued to the frame, peel this back as they could be hiding in any small crevice. At this point you will likely want to contact Pest Control Essex at a site like BPC, a leading firm offering Pest Control Essex.

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It’s a good idea to also look at the immediate area surrounding the bed, such as nightstands, bookcases, carpet edges, wall sockets, books, even telephones and radios. Bedbugs can also attach to clothing so it’s wise to examine the contents of your wardrobe too. If you are not sure about the signs of bedbugs, call a pest control expert, who will know what to look for.



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