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Growth of Tourism in Turkey

One of the main drivers of the Turkish economy has been its increasing popularity as a holiday destination. It’s varying Mediterranean climate provides a little something for everyone be it beach, urban or cultural aspects. The last 20 years has seen a huge rise in visitors making it the 6th most popular tourist destination at one point. 8 percent of that figure was made up of UK visitors. The reasons for the rise in tourism in its economy can easily be seen due to the aforementioned draws the country contains.

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Firstly, it has a wide range of beaches close to the airport of Bodrum making it an ideal destination for the sun and beach worshiper. This is known and the Turkish Riviera along the countries southwestern and southern coasts where it offers an unparalleled 436 blue flagged beaches offering affordability and cleanliness that is some of the best in Europe.

Secondly the country offers a heady mix of East meets west. Here you can see the remnants of the Roman Empire in the shape of the Byzantium architecture. The Hagia Sofia is one of the 17 UNESCO world heritage sites that Turkey can boast in its tourist attracting arsenal. This is one of the many mixes of Muslim and Christianity religion. Here can be seen how the formal has superseded the later and now uses the sites for a new purpose.   Turkey truly has a cornucopia of sites to visit the city of Istanbul itself a massive draw and a major contributor to the country’s tourist trade. Where else can you be just a short ferry ride on to a whole new continent. There is now a chance to view the historically important sites of Gallipoli and the ANZAC cove, a military disaster but culturally significant to Australians and New Zealanders offering a whole new dimension to the countries visitor.

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Thirdly, the is the natural phenomena of the Cappadocia region. This is a landscape like no other in the world. It is volcanic stone, naturally soft to the elements that has been eroded by wind and rain over time to form the most intriguing and beguiling natural structures. The fairy towers of stone are the most viewed features. Here too there is much to see historically and culturally. Taking a balloon ride is said to be a must do in the region.

Finally, there has been a considerable rise the country as a locating for spas and health treatment. All in all, it’s a one stop shop for this countries tourist industry as it can offer pretty much everything to the visitor.

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