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Great ideas for dressing your front door at Christmas

When it comes to your front door this Christmas, you don’t have to stop at a traditional wreath, although this is still a great choice. Take a look at some of our classic and not-so-classic ideas for adding a bit of Christmas spirit to your front door.

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A garland made up of real or fake pine tree branches and adorned with berries, baubles and even fairy lights can make for a grand entrance. Simply hang the garland along the top of the door frame so that visitors walk under it as they enter the home.

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If Christmas fairy lights appeal to you, make your front door a shrine to them. Hang a horizontal string of lights along the top door frame or vertical strings down the face of the door. The good thing about putting fairy lights on your door is that it’s usually possible to power these with an inside plug socket if there is a big enough gap under the door.

A Wreath

Classic and traditional, a wreath is a lovely way to adorn your front door. Historically, wreaths represent the circle of life. There are loads of varieties to choose from, including wreaths made form natural materials and fake ones that you can reuse year after year. The most fulfilling option is to make your own wreath.

Dried flowers

For something that looks different and costs less, try bunches of dried flowers. Lavender is a great choice because it is cheap, easy to come by, and retains a beautiful smell.

Potted plants

If you have potted plants by your front door, you might want to consider adding festive decorations to them. This can range from fake snow to waterproof tree decorations and, of course, more fairy lights.

Door maintenance

If you’re decorating your front door for Christmas, maybe now is the time for some essential door maintenance. Perhaps it needs a new coat of paint or a new lock ahead of Christmas, when burglaries are at their highest. Those looking for a Sheffield locksmith such as hallamlocksmiths.co.uk should consider getting their lock changed before the Christmas period rather than after it.

These quirky and classic ideas for front door decorations will see your home transform into a welcoming and very festive fairyland.



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