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Getting Back to the Office Safely

Getting back to the office is something that comes with mixed feelings for many people. There is a lot of excitement about getting back to the office for many people, but for some, they are still very fearful of contracting covid, and may not have been fully vaccinated yet.

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For this reason it is important that although we are heading back to the office, we don’t just go straight back in as if nothing has happened. There are lots of things that should be done in the office before staff come back to ensure that its all as safe as possible for people to return to work.

One of the things that you should think about is the way that the office is laid out. Rearranging the office is also a good opportunity to revive it a bit if its been looking a little tired and old, so you could head to a local furniture supplier like this Gloucester office furniture shop Severn Furnishing.

Add screens between desks where people face each other and try to arrange desks so that people are not facing one another directly. Give adequate space around the desks themselves so that people aren’t crammed in closely together.

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Having a god supply of hand sanitiser as well as hand washing stations is good practice too, and employees should be encouraged to wash their hands as soon as they get to work as well as when making food and drinks.


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