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From Rusty to Rocking : Radiators as a Design Statement

If you are considering remodelling one or more rooms in your home and want to make a design statement with real impact, installing a bespoke radiator can provide a truly individual touch.

From Rusty to Rocking Radiators as a Design Statement

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These days, radiators are available in a wide array of designs, suitable for all ages and styles of properties. While they fulfil exactly the same function as a standard radiator, a designer version can really draw the eye and create an enviable wow factor.

Whether you are looking for a bold statement or a subtle effect, there will most certainly be a radiator to suit your needs. It’s possible to customise most styles of radiator to your exact specifications, so once you find one you like, you will be able to specify exactly what colour or size you require. The market is awash with highly desirable radiator designs, from ultra-modern bold angular designs to elegant traditional models.

If you are seeking to complement a modern design scheme, you may wish to consider a radiator finished in a bright primary colour or one that is an unusual shape. Aluminium radiators are a great modern alternative, though traditionalists may opt for those made from cast iron. If you are looking to complement a traditional scheme, you could opt for a classic column style to really add authenticity.

Vertical radiators will often create a greater impact on a room than the more commonplace horizontal ones, and will suit any style of property. They can be custom-made to fit any space, and their sleek lines will add an air of effortless elegance to even the smallest of spaces.


Many of the latest models to hit the market comes with some truly impressive high-tech heating solutions. The technology of radiators in general is constantly evolving to provide more efficient heating solutions, as detailed in this BBC article. It’s worth mentioning that even though manufacturers like Apollo radiators and others may provide classical or retro designs, the build specifications and efficiency is comparable with modern equivalents.

Whatever sort of design theme you wish to complement, you will be able to find the ideal radiator to suit your needs. Today, radiators are no longer an essential but rather an ugly necessity. However they can, if carefully chosen, be regarded as a design statement in their own right.


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