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Focus on the Family

Pubs and restaurants are the venues that families often choose for their outings and get togethers but can sometimes be put off if a venue doesn’t seem particularly child friendly. In fact some venues are very anti-children and when you’re anti-children, then you’re anti families. Imagine how much custom you might be losing by sending away whole families who will go on to spend their money elsewhere. Instead of looking at children as a nuisance, try looking at them as a business opportunity. It can be hard for parents to find places that accommodate their kids, so if your restaurant or bar is ready and willing to handle them, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Read these tips and tricks for some ideas to make your restaurant more family friendly!

Make sure your staff understand – if your staff don’t want to deal with children, it will be obvious and you’ll be ruining your chance of repeat custom. Train your staff to treat everyone with respect, even the kids. Give families larger tables as they will appreciate the extra space. Also make sure you have plenty of booster seats and high chairs available.

Keep the little ones entertained – many places do this already so get on board too. Make crayons, colouring books, toys or arcade games available as children can get bored very quickly. It will make life so much easier especially if a family has to wait for a table and wait for food.

Kids Eat Free – if you haven’t done this before then give it a go as it’s a great way attracting families, with lots of paying grown ups too! For every adult meal purchased, supply a free child’s meal. As the portions are quite small, you won’t be losing out much and will probably sell more adult meals as a result of the promotion.

Play Area – if you have an outside area then install some play equipment for the children to keep occupied during the warmer weather and give the parents a chance to relax. Having some lovely new play equipment is sure to attract many families especially during the summer. For Wooden Climbing Frames, visit http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames.

Focus on the Family

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Offer healthy meals – Many parents worry about child obesity and what their kids are eating and they may want to provide their kids with healthier choices than the usual burger and chips and pizza. You don’t have to take these options away but also offer vegetables, sweet potato and fruit for example.

Serve Quickly – Nobody likes being kept waiting for an unduly long time and this becomes more acute when you’re visiting with children. Minimize boredom, tantrums and parental stress levels by making families are serving priority.

Parents – These are the ones with the money so don’t forget about their service too. Check in with them often and make sure they are happy and have everything they need. Remember that they chose your establishment to bring their family to enjoy a meal out, so be kind and they will definitely return time and again.


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