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Flooring That Talks to You

Retailers are getting excited about a new type of flooring which enables them to ‘talk’ directly to customers, enhancing their experience and allowing opportunities for more direct advertising.

Flooring That Talks to You

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The luminous vinyl flooring has been developed through a collaboration between global flooring innovator Tarkett and Philips Lighting. It was unveiled at the Euroshop 2017 trade fair, which took place earlier this year in Düsseldorf, Germany.

What is Luminous Vinyl Flooring?

The luminous flooring consists of specially-adapted vinyl tiles which are embedded with LED technology. These LED lights can be switched on and off through a central control, either in real time or pre-set, in order to send messages to people walking on the floor nearby.

As well as showing pre-programmed messages, the technology allows the controller to place real-time information in front of customers. It can even be linked to an external social media source such as the controller’s Twitter feed.

Available in a wide variety of finishes and colours, including mineral and wood effects, the flooring is mainly aimed at retailers and the hospitality industry.

What Can it be Used For?

The main use of the luminous flooring is envisaged to be advertising – it can show animations or messages, allowing advertisers to target their ads to particular people or those passing a certain point in a store.

Flooring That Talks to You2

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The innovation offers new, intelligent ways to engage with employees, visitors or customers. Light, images and messages sent through the flooring could be used to welcome guests, as well as guide them through a building, alert them to special deals and send targeted adverts.

According to LIGHTimes Online, it will be especially useful in environments where, as is the case in these modern, technology-obsessed times, many people walk through stores and buildings with their eyes directed down at their smartphones.

Having adverts light up as you cross a floor may well serve to attract the attention of people who would otherwise pass through a space not noticing much around them.

The technology could also be used to help guide people through buildings such as hospitals.

If you are looking for more traditional types of flooring, such as the grey laminate flooring available from www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk, there are plenty of sites online to search through.

It is envisaged the luminous, ‘talking’ flooring will be available to purchase sometime in the near future. Watch out for it!


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