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Five winter maintenance tips for your home

To limit the potential risk of damage to your home during winter, it’s a good idea to carry out a seasonal home maintenance check. Not only will this protect your home but it could also save you money in the long run on unnecessary repairs.

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1. Remove snow from your home

It’s important to shovel any snow away from the foundations of your home in order to prevent any deterioration through water collecting at the base. If you cannot create a snow-free channel, think about concentrating on the areas which are more prone to any water damage, such as concrete steps or basement areas.

2. Remove ice from roofs and gutters

If you can, consider installing de-icing cables early on in the season to make things easier when the extreme weather does come. This will prevent melting ice dams which can accumulate to damaged UPVC fascia boards or roof shingles, and water spreading into your home’s foundations. Alternatively, a scraper or shovel can be used to chip at the ice and snow.

3. Eradicate snow and ice from external vents

By using a shovel or brush to clear any snow or ice in the external vents, you’ll be limiting any damage to your roof that can arise from blocked vents. If allowed to accumulate, it can cause problems to your heating or cooling systems. If extra pressure is put on your vents, it can add to issues with moisture or rot in your home’s wood.

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4. Replace your furnace filters

You should be replacing your filters at least every three months to ensure they’re functioning to their maximum benefit. Their purpose is to collect all debris and allergens so you can keep your home warm, so this is an essential part of your winter maintenance. If you have any problems, check the instructions in your manual or professional suppliers such as those from absolutewindows.co.uk.

5. Look after your garden furniture and equipment

There’s no point spending money on quality garden furniture and tools if they’re left out over the winter, so you’ll need to bring them in and store in a shed or garage. If this is not possible and they’re kept outside, make sure they’re covered with tarpaulins.

Regular maintenance will help you reduce damage to your home and keep it functioning effectively so you’re warm.


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