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Five Types Of Bending Machine

Bending machines are the workhorses of manufacturing, and are used to shape metals of different sizes and thicknesses. There are a few different types of metal bending machines, and the best one for the job will depend on the application the finished piece will be used for. Here are five types of bending machine that can be used to shape metal.

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1. Sheet Metal

One of the advantages of sheet metal bending machines is that they can create folds and curves, as well as other shapes, into metal sheets. They are often used in car manufacturing, the creation of HVAC ducting and more.

2. Pipe Bending

These machines bend metal into cylinders to form pipes and have a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry.

3. Roller Bending

This is where metal is pushed through a series of rollers to create a desired shape. According to The Fabricator, rolling machines can have different configurations, such as having a variety of rollers to pinch metal in different locations to form a shape.

4. Plate Rolling

If you need to roll very thick plates of metal, a plate rolling machine is the tool for the job. Standard plate rolling machines can bend metals that are around three inches in thickness, whereas other machines that heat metal can shape sheets that are four inches in thickness.

5. Mechanical Bending

You may have seen machines that use wheels to bend metals, and these are known as mechanical benders. Using gears and pulleys, metal can be bent to shape around a wheel-like structure.

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After metals have been pressed into shape they can be worked on by other machines, such as metal cutters or Roscamat electric tapping machines. For more information about tapping machines, see www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/roscamat-tapping-machines/electric-tapping-machines/roscamat-tiger-electric-tapping-machine/.

Metal bending machines make quick work of shaping metals, and do so with a high level of accuracy. The even application of pressure ensures that the integrity of the metal stays strong. The type of bending machine you need will depend on your unique requirements, so make sure to thoroughly understand the applications of each type before engaging in the process.


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