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Finding the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle with Architectural Salvage

Rescuing old building parts and architectural items has become increasingly popular in recent years, causing cheap salvage supplies to dwindle and one-of-a-kind pieces to sky-rocket in value. There are, however, advantages to this surge in popularity – namely the introduction of different sources of salvage for restorers of old houses.

Finding the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle with Architectural Salvage

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It is now easier than ever for salvage enthusiasts to pair previously separated items or find matches for existing items. While a lot of dealers have shifted their focus to higher-priced antiques, there are a number of options for the thrifty salvage enthusiast looking for that special piece to complete their look.

Budget Salvage

If you’re strapped for cash, one option is build or decorate your house from items others have thrown out. Salvage items are becoming increasingly common in charity shops, often selling at roughly one-third below market value, so you could find some real gems.

Salvage on the Web

Because the entire world is competing on the marketplace of the web, you will often find salvage items at a very reasonable price. Many salvage shops, such as http://www.periodhomesni.com/products/architectural-antiques.html, list stock on their website, complete with pictures. Be mindful, though, that many dealers will not sell their items over the internet – you will need to contact them by phone or in person. Unfortunately, salvage items are prone to theft, so it is important to research where your item has come from. UK-based directory SalvoWEB lists 75 dealers from Europe and Canada and has created a code of ethics for the dealers that they represent. The intention is to alleviate any worries buyers may have about stolen items.

Salvage-Buying Tips

One of the most important things to remember when looking for salvage items is to measure both the item and the area of your house it’s intended for. Scale is also very important – very large items can look overpowering in an average-sized room. It is also very important to take the thickness of a door into consideration as well as its width and height. Be mindful that windows are very difficult to fit; this is such a problem that a lot of salvage dealers no longer sell them. Remember too that old bath tubs and toilets may not match modern plumbing requirements.


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