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Fab First Date Ideas

So, you’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask him/her out on a date – but where do you go? You don’t want to look too keen but you also don’t want to set up a totally lame evening! Here are some great ideas for that nerve-wracking first date so you can relax and have fun without coming on too strong:

Theme Park – Why not make a day of it and head to a theme park? They’re not just for kids you know! If you both love rides and adrenaline then this could offer the perfect opportunity to sit close together and scream into each other’s ears! Share some candy floss, win your partner a fluffy toy on the hook a duck. It could be bags of fun and is something a little different.

Painting Class – Ok so this may seem a bit ‘out there’ but trying a new activity can be exciting for both of you and shows that you’re willing to experience new adventures. If you can’t find an organised class locally then buy your own supplies and have an impromptu DIY painting session at home. Bring out your artistic side and who knows – maybe flicking paint at each other could be kind of romantic?

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Dinner Date – This idea doesn’t need to get old, even though it’s what most of us think of when going on a date. Choose a great restaurant in an attractive location and really push the boat out. Try to choose somewhere that doesn’t get too loud so conversation is still possible and enjoy some fantastic cuisine together. Italian food is renowned for being romantic – just don’t get tomato sauce on your chin! For Italian restaurants in Dublin, visit http://www.forno500.ie/

Bowling – An easy date idea which combines a fun activity and the chance to have a few drinks and a burger and fries. If you’re too nervous for a sit-down dinner then this is a great way of having an activity to focus on while you chat casually. You’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable which will rub off on your date too.

Aquariums – You might not realise it but aquariums are incredibly romantic and calming places to visit. Quiet enough to chat but with interesting distractions along the way. Try to avoid a day when a school trip is passing through! Zoos also work well for the same reasons and so do museums – whatever you have closest.

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Comedy Club – People are happier and more relaxed when they’re laughing and laughing together is an important part of any relationship. You’ll be sure to find one locally, even if it’s just an indie stand-up in your local pub. This is the perfect situation for having a few drinks, letting your hair down and sharing some good old belly laughs together.

Go for a Walking Coffee – If the thought of staring deeply into their eyes over a lukewarm latte in a busy Starbucks doesn’t do it for you then try grabbing a coffee to go and explore your neighbourhood. Exercising makes you feel good and a gentle pace will give plenty of chat time too.


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