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Easy steps to become a better driver

No matter how experienced a driver you may be, there are always aspects of your driving style that you can tighten up to help keep the roads safer and your car running more efficiently.

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Whilst it is true that trying to drive in a safer manner can help keep the roads a better place for all of us, some insurers are now targeting careful drivers, promising lower insurance premiums. No Claims Discount has long been available for drivers who have not been at fault in accidents, but the rise of black box and other monitoring systems to encourage safe driving has been helping to push premiums down. Let’s take a look at some top tips to help you become a better and safer driver.

Know the limits

Ensure that your driving follows one of the biggest safety laws there is by abiding by the speed limit no matter where you are driving. Speeding is dangerous, with an increased chance of causing an accident; if caught, you face points on your license or a fine. Also, it is important to note that if you are going faster than necessary, your car will not run as efficiently as possible, running through fuel and parts more than it should.

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Adjust to fit the conditions

The speed limit on a road is the maximum speed, not a target for drivers. Ensure that you are driving with due regard to both conditions and weather to make your driving as safe as possible. Slow down in foggy conditions or if the sun is so low that it dazzles you. Similarly, if the country road you are driving on is twisty and unfamiliar, it is reckless to be pushing onto the maximum speed limit.

Take it smooth

If you are accelerating smoothly and decelerating in a similar manner, you could save between 20 and 30% of your fuel consumption. By anticipating the road ahead and very sparingly using your brake pedal to slow down, you are optimising fuel consumption, thus making your day-to-day drive as cheap as possible.


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