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Draught soft drinks tap into growing trends

With branded carbonated soft drinks, non-branded soft drinks, flavoured soft drinks, cordials and mixers all available via a draught soft drinks supplier, the opportunities to tap into the growing trend for non-alcoholic drinks are abundant. There are also opportunities to leverage the increasing demand for low calorie drinks, with diet versions of all soft drinks available in post mix formats. Water can also be available through dispensing units to add a degree of professionalism.

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Not only are diet variants of all soft drinks available but also they can be purchased in a 10-litre bag in box format, increasing value for money. This large 10-litre serving ensures that ample product is available and that deliveries are fewer.

Amongst other draught soft drinks, cordials are an essential ingredient behind any bar, complementing a wide variety of drinks. Bottles of cordial can be bought; however, where to store them can often prove challenging, with the dispensed variants enabling a more professional look behind the bar.

Trend towards cocktails

The recent boom in the sales of cocktails has meant that bars and pubs have needed to stock up on all the essential ingredients, including mixers. A variety of flavours can be purchased, such as Ice Red, Ice Blue, Ice Lemon and Ice Iron Brew, all of which help to recreate the taste and appearance of many popular cocktails at a reduced cost. With more and more people turning towards a tee-total lifestyle, mixing non-alcoholic cocktails for consumers who still want to look the part is also an option with post mix mixers. Suppliers such as http://empireuk.com/ can provide all the required ingredients to tap into this rising trend and the wide variety of flavours makes it possible to create a drink for every palate to enjoy.

House-carbonated cocktails are another trend that appears to be emanating from the US, with mixing cocktails and then bottling them for customers to enjoy also seeming to be taking off. This is spreading from the bars of San Francisco and Chicago and is already being trialled in a Soho bar in London. Drinks made in this way are described as being more aromatic, lighter and more intense. Depending on how carbonated the consumer wants the drink, you can either use carbonated water or add CO2 directly to the drink to avoid dilution.



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