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Drain lining services

Traditionally, damaged or leaking drainage requires digging and renewal to produce repairs either for the entire track or localized area. Drainage is often affected by the entry of trees or bushes which causes blockages that are often expensive, inconvenient and dangerous to health.

The costs of excavation and repair work can be very large and this is often not covered by building insurance and therefore an in-house repair method (without the need for excavation) has been developed – customers who need sewer lining can benefit from this effective repair method, which is both efficient and permanent.

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The soft structural coating method involves installing new sleeves in the damaged original drain that then become the host pipe to the liner. Before putting it into the drain, soft plastic coatings are coated with resin mixed with a catalyst and accelerator which causes the coating to harden. The pressurized air machine then expands the liner to the shape of the host pipe, sealing it to a waterproof condition. For more information on Drain Lining, visit https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/

After the process is complete the compressed air tube is taken out, leaving a new arm in working order immediately. The length can be achieved in one installation and it’s possible to install 100m + liners on various occasions, each completed in one day. Compared to traditional excavation and renewal methods, massive savings can be made, not only in terms of cash but also in the levels of inconvenience and potential disruption. Costly surface recovery is also not needed, which many times actually leaves areas looking odd and unsightly.

Apart from the benefits of clear cost and time savings, the structural soft felt layer also provides other superior features such as improved flow characteristics and continuous parts without connections that have no weak points, therefore providing a long-term solution to the drainage problem.

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All damaged drainage problems can worsen, and the condition can deteriorate to the point where the resulting loss of water can wash away the bed material under the foundation that makes the hole. This will eventually cause movement in buildings and the cracking of walls, etc. leaving very expensive foundations required. Even if your building insurance covers the costs of the incident, it can still make reinsuring it difficult and expensive.

Once installed, the structural layers are gently covered thanks to strong workmanship and the best materials. You can usually expect a 15-year warranty even though the manufacturer will often state that life expectancy is at least 50 years.


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