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Do I need security for my event?

All event organisers should consider the risks of their event, with hiring a professional security company helping to avoid common problems and keeping your guests safe.

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What sort of events require security?

Festivals, parties, concerts, corporate events, sporting fixtures and weddings can all require security due to the number and type of people attending, the venue, and the likelihood of disruption or disturbance. According to the Security Industry Authority, the private security industry has grown substantially to meet these needs.

Adequate security at sporting fixtures and concerts is a must due to large, excited and passionate crowds. Those organising a party, wedding or corporate event will find that a professional security company will protect their guests and help the event to run smoothly.

What will a security company do?

When you hire professional security from a provider such as https://www.valorousgroup.co.uk/, you can be confident that they will help to assess and manage risks. Events carry many risks that can be managed and minimised with expert planning and assistance.

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At the planning stage, the security company will ensure compliance with legislation, putting into place risk management and health and safety policies. Event organisers often need assistance managing risks arising from the venue itself, such as the likelihood of slips or trips, the stability of crowd barriers, and electrical, sound or cooking equipment. The security company will provide a detailed plan for these risks and emergency evacuation plans. The security company will also assess particular risks and security needs arising from the individuals on the guest list and any external risks, such as demonstrations and protests.

At a wedding, party or corporate event, they will make sure that unwanted guests are prevented from entering whilst your invited guests are made welcome and kept safe. This is particularly important should your guest list include celebrities, politicians or other high-profile individuals. Such individuals may also benefit from close protection. When considering the need for close protection London is a particular focus due to the large number of those from high-profile global society, royalty and international business.

During all events, your security will keep the event under surveillance and respond to any issues or challenges that occur. Such surveillance can be carried out both overtly by uniformed guards and covertly by security experts on the ground and by CCTV.


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