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Different Craft Ideas for your Handmade Wedding

Many men and women dream of their perfect wedding; the rehearsal of the lines saying ‘I do’, and brides to be practising how they will walk down the aisle – it seems like a dream come true. The one factor of weddings that don’t give us that warm feeling is the cost; it is estimated that the average couple will spend around £27.000 on their wedding, and that includes the wedding dress and suit, the venue, wedding props, and food etc. If you want to cut costs and save money, why not consider making your own props and decorations? You may want to put the majority of your wedding budget in your venue. If you are looking for a gorgeous wedding venue then you might want to check out Wedding Venues Northamptonshire way such as https://www.kelmarsh.com/weddings-at-kelmarsh-hall, which is a stunning hall with colourful gardens – so even you can have your dream wedding. Here are different craft ideas for your handmade wedding.

HandCraft your own Wedding Invitations 

Wedding invites, if done professionally are an expensive purchase – something that will most likely end up in the guest’s drawers to never be seen again. How about crafting your own wedding invites? Making your own gives it a more personal touch, and really sets your wedding invites apart from others. The only negative point is that it could be a lot more time consuming if you have a large number of guests, but with help from your family and the bridesmaids, the invitations will be complete in no time.

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Handcrafted Wedding Dresses 

Wedding Dresses are usually one of the most expensive items on the list, and trying to find the perfect dress can take a lot of time, so why not have your dress handcrafted? If you are nifty with a sewing machine or know someone else who is, then this could ultimately save you a lot of cash. Some women even take parts of their relatives wedding dresses to create their own wedding gown – a great way to upcycle old clothing and create something sentimental. Want to make your own wedding dress? Here are tips on how.

Make your own Wedding Props 

A lot of venues offer their own decorations for you to use, but will normally charge you a large amount for this service. Discount stores such as Poundland, and B&M sell basic props which could be decorated to create gorgeous table decorations, and you could even make your own table cloths if they are not included.

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Make your own Wedding Party Entertainment

Photo booths are a popular wedding party trend; it gives you the opportunity to be a bit silly, and gain precious memories from your big day. There are many companies that offer Photobooth services, but this does usually costs a lot of money, so you may want to consider making your own. To make your own photo booth, all you need is a fun backdrop, some lighting equipment, and of course random props. If you know someone who is handy with a camera, you could ask them if they want to be the photographer.


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