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Destination USA — A Land of Opportunity

As a holiday location, America really does offer it all. From skiing in Colorado to sandy beaches in California, there’s something for everyone to enjoy all year round. The US is diverse, and whether you visiting the coast or are enjoying being inland, there’s sure to be something that will keep you captivated.

Sunshine States

The most popular US holiday destinations are the so-called ‘sunshine states’, and California, Los Angeles and Florida are all very much sought-after locations. There are a large number of timeshare options in these states, and with a quarter of all timeshares internationally found in the US, there’s always somewhere to stay in these sunny, beachside destinations. These states are also very popular with Britons looking to enjoy a getaway and catch some sun whilst exploring a new and exciting destination that’s taken them out of Europe and left the usual sun-seeking spots such as Spain behind. The US may be further from the UK, but the plethora of warmer weather makes it a very attractive option.

Destination USA — A Land of Opportunity

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Las Vegas Lifestyle

Las Vegas is perhaps one of the most popular places on anyone’s bucket list, and the incredible casinos, vibrant Strip and non-stop party lifestyle attracts millions of visitors every year. The surrounding Nevada desert also boasts many attractions for those who want to get back to nature and explore a rather stark and desolate landscape that hides many stunning features.

City Slickers

America is famous for its big cities, and New York, Chicago and Seattle all offer inner-city living at its best. Whether it’s exploring the incredible museums in New York, riding to the top of the Seattle Space Needle or having coffee at a sidewalk cafe in Chicago, these big cities boast many attractions

Winter Wonderland 

If skiing, snowboarding or white-water rafting is more your idea of a good holiday, America also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy these sports. Colorado is a favoured destination for those who prefer outdoor activities. There are plenty of opportunities for those who are sporty to take to the slopes or explore the hills, and Colorado is one of America’s finest examples of unspoilt beauty. Filled with real Christmas trees in Leicester just like the ones available from http://www.welfordchristmastreefarm.co.uk.

America truly is the land of opportunity for anyone looking for a great getaway.


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