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Deliciously weird food pairings

Most people have a strange food combination that they love, but normally they don’t tell other people as they worry that they will be judged. Maybe you like dipping chips in chocolate, or maybe you enjoy putting chilli flakes on chocolate.

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Whatever strange food combination you love, you’re probably not alone. Lots of people love zany and weird food combinations, and some of them are actually a taste sensation.

Curious? Here are five of the best deliciously weird food pairings.

Peanut butter burgers

Peanut butter is often paired with jam, but it also works really well on a burger. This is because the peanut butter warms up and melts slightly, creating a satay sauce flavour that complements the burger well. Just add lettuce and you are ready to go!

Jam and avocado

Smashed avocado on toast is an ultra-trendy breakfast right now – in fact, the Telegraph recently reported that Britain is currently experiencing an avocado boom. If you’re getting a little bored of avo toast, you can make the dish more unique by adding some jam to the top. The creamy avocado works well with a tart jam, especially if it is raspberry or strawberry.

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You can also buy natural raspberry flavouring to add to the meal at http://www.foodieflavours.com.

Bacon and banana

The salty taste of bacon works well with the creamy, sweet taste of banana, and they are best served on waffles or toast. The combination may seem weird to some, but in reality, it is the ultimate breakfast!

Blue cheese with dates

If you like luxurious food you will definitely love the combination of blue cheese and dates. The sharp, salty, strong taste of the crumbly cheese is amazing when combined with a juicy, sweet date, creating a harmonious snack that is perfect for grown-ups.

If you want to try this snack but you’re not sure when to have it, simply add some dates to your next cheeseboard and pick up a bottle of red wine to create a delicious platter.

Chips and pickles

Pickles taste great when they are paired with most meats, but you may be surprised to find out that they also taste great on chips. The strong, acidic taste works well with the smooth, oily taste of the chips – and this is definitely a meal that you might crave after a heavy night out!


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