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Deadly victorian wallpaper

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Have you been staring at your walls at home and decided to enlist the services of a Decorators Cheltenham way like http://jsdecorating.co.uk/ to give your home a bit of a spruce? It seems that since lockdown many of us have been looking at our homes and wondering if there are ways in which we can brighten them up a little. Decorating our walls has been around for hundreds of years, but it is not as deadly nowadays as it was during Victorian times.

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The Victorians were completely obsessed with wallpaper and more vibrant and busy that wallpaper was the better. This is a style that is coming back into fashion, although is often used today as an accent feature, rather than across the entire room. One of the colours that was particularly sought after in those times was green and copper arsenite was used to create this vivid, vibrant colour. However as the name might suggest copper arsenite contains arsenic. At the time arsenic was used in a lot of products and items, they were not aware, as we are now, of the deadly consequences of the substance.

The deadly nature of the substance became even more apparent when people who were living in homes with the green wallpaper became sick and in quite a lot of cases died.


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