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Daith piercings and migraines: rumour or reality?

Migraines are a fact of life for thousands of people, but could there be a quick and simple solution to this debilitating affliction?
Daith piercings and migraines

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The NHS website lists the symptoms of a migraine as a severe headache, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to sound and light. Often sufferers are forced to retreat to dark, quiet rooms, and medication is not always effective. It is not surprising, therefore, that when speculation about the effects of a specific piercing began, many people were very keen to try it out.

The theory

The daith piercing involves an incision into the cartilage fold closest to the entry to the ear canal, which is also known as the ‘crus of helix’. Some claim that this piercing relieves migraines. The theory behind this claim is that the piercing acts as a kind of permanent acupuncture.

Does it work?

While many people are sceptical about the validity of the theory, migraines are a terrible affliction for so many that sufferers are likely to be tempted to try anything that may help. The problem emerges when piercers make great claims about their ability to help those with medical issues. There have been no reliable tests into the effects of the piercing and while some people claim to have seen an improvement following the procedure, for many the positive effects only lasted a month or so.

Specialists have urged body piercers to avoid making claims about the effectiveness of the daith piercing, especially since the type of acupuncture the piercing mimics is so specific that a piercer untrained in this is likely to miss the right location of the pressure point.

Cartilage piercings also take a long time to heal, increasing the chances of infection and scarring, and individuals are advised to choose a registered member of an authority such as the British Body Piercing Association. Complications with piercings can be treated by clinics offering corrective procedures; for example, practices such as http://londoncosmeticskinclinic.co.uk/ offer London earlobe repairs and scar removal.

While hard proof of the daith piercing’s effectiveness is scarce, it is easy to see why so many desperate migraine sufferers are turning to piercing. The solution to this problem has not yet been discovered, but it appears that we could be a little closer to finding the answer.


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