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Cyber Security is Serious for all Businesses

With cyber-attacks and threats on the rise in the UK, it’s crucial that businesses take measures to increase the security of their systems and data.

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Government statistics suggest that as the proportion of businesses with websites, social media pages and client data held in the cloud continues to rise, so does the risk of the cyber security breach.

The Impact of a Cyber-attack on Your Business

Senior managers and owners need to take the threat of a security breach seriously, as the impact on their business can be devastating. Aside from the down time and lost productivity from having your computer network out of operation while problems are rectified, there are also financial implications such as a fall in share price or loss of customers and revenue.

Added to this, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect at the end of May 2018, included heavy financial penalties for companies and organisations who suffer data breaches.

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How to Protect Your Business

There are many things that you can do to help protect your business, its network and data. A combination of policy and security technology, also known as Endpoint Security Solutions, are generally regarded as the best safeguarding method.

This process instigates a protocol whereby any device requesting network access is checked against a predetermined set of criteria prior to being given access and can dramatically cut the chances of a virus, for example, getting a foothold in your system.

Employees can often, unwittingly or otherwise, be a cause of a security breach. It’s important that they have training to understand where attacks might come from, what they might look like and what to do if they suspect a problem. Advice for employees on password best practice is also useful. Employee access levels should also be set correctly so that they are only seeing the minimum amount of data that they require to perform their role correctly. Once an employee leaves the organisation, it’s important that access to data, networks or devices is stopped immediately.  This should be set in motion from the minute you start your business, to getting an Office Space Bracknell location found at sites like http://officespacebracknell.co.uk for your business to thrive in, its important to set the standards high to all your employees.

These measures won’t stop hackers trying to get access to a business’s computer network, but they will make it harder for them and help limit the damage should the worst happen.


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