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Consultants Develop Drone Delivery Concept

Along with research that highlights flexibility as an area to focus on for customer satisfaction, people in the logistics industry are also looking at personalisation strategies to deliver the best service to consumers.

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The age of drop-off points or parcel lockers has given people some level of control over how and when they receive parcels, but some still feel that it can be a larger inconvenience for consumers in the age where technologies should enhance convenience. The aim of couriers seeking complete personalisation is a future where a parcel is able to follow a person – being delivered to them wherever they are for ultimate flexibility.

Making the Impossible Probable

Of course, this is seemingly impossible and would be extremely expensive, with experts noting that some couriers will already delay your delivery until you are home, which is useful but not widespread enough at this stage. How about complete personalisation with a delivery that follows you?

Consultants have been working on this very concept with drone delivery that can ensure a parcel lands safely in the hands of the recipient wherever they are – even if they are moving. Drones are already much debated.

The delivery begins by using a customer’s GPS (via mobile phone) and requests secure location details periodically during the course of the ‘flight’. This happens until the drone is in visual range, and the drone will move if you move. It then uses 3D imaging and ranging to securely verify the authenticity of the recipient’s identity before making the delivery. Security is an important issue, which is evident in demand for a same day courier service in Manchester.

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When the parcel arrives, the customer’s mobile phone is held up and the device’s LED flashes a unique code that the drone reads and verifies while remaining at a safe height. A stabilising winch then lowers the package directly to the recipient. Such care and attention is important to established carriers like http://allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier-service/same-day-courier-manchester.

Potential Reach and the Future

The potential for this technology is astonishing – it could be used for the delivery of emergency supplies, and that’s before considering the wider consumer use. It’s not something likely to be seen in the skies just yet, but as a wider concept for a delivery strategy, this is likely to appeal to many consumers.


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