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Awaken the ghosts of Christmas past

It’s only a few months away, but if Christmas makes you feel a little tired, why not approach it from a different angle this year? Having a truly traditional Christmas can refresh the season and bring back some of the original fun that used to make Christmas a special time of year.

Instead of ordering everything online and buying pre-prepared food, why not try a step back in time in the kitchen and follow a few tips from our ancestors. Find some traditional recipes and maybe try making your own Christmas pudding. Tradition states that everyone in your household must stir the mixture and make a wish before cooking. Involve everyone to make minced meat pie and rekindle the Christmas spirit in the kitchen. Make this more special by treating yourself to a kitchen makeover with a renovation or refit into a rustic, country kitchen. For a builder to bring your dreams to life, consider Construction Companies Bishops Stortford like www.ashmereconstruction.co.uk/

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In the past trees and decorations were not put up until Christmas Eve. You might not be able to get away with it today but why not take a walk on Christmas Eve to choose some fresh green plants and make your own arrangements in a vase. You will be surprised at how many are available to be picked this year – leaves and green berries. Add to that some shop-bought bay leaves or rosemary sprigs if necessary. Collecting pine cones is another family favorite if you have small children. They can then decorate and arrange in a bowl for pride of place on the Christmas table.

Another beautiful addition to your home for truly authentic Christmas is the wood-burning stove. Imagine the warmth and flames when you curl up with cocoa and look forward to the big day. With a Defra approved wood-burning stove, you can enjoy a rural Christmas wherever you are.

Instead of worrying about what everyone has to buy this year, if you have the time, you can make beautiful handmade gifts for your loved ones. Have the children make cakes for grandparents or choose interesting glass jars and make jam or sauce for people. Decorate with handwritten labels tied with string and pretty covers for the caps and you have a unique and sincere gift.

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The stocking tradition seems to have declined in recent years so now is a good time to revive it. Spend one afternoon with your family sitting around the table making your personal Christmas socks to hang. All you need are some green or red colours, ribbons, beads, and glue. There are easy to follow instructions available online and minimal sewing is required for this fun festive activity.


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