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Avoid these six web design mistakes

Online marketplaces are intensely competitive spaces. As you need to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, don’t make the following design-related mistakes.

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An unsearchable interface with a lack of clear direction

A search box and content filters are all it takes to ensure your audience can always locate the information they are looking for. Don’t make interacting with your site complicated, because it will only drive your audience elsewhere.

A distinctly anti-social approach

Maintaining a strong social presence will increase consumer confidence in your brand and provide you with additional engagement opportunities. Failing to promote your social platforms on your website will result in an array of missed opportunities to increase your reach and enhance the relationship you have with your audience.

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One-way communication

Encourage interaction by allowing comments on your blog posts or integrate a feedback form for your audience to ask questions, suggest topics for future content, or easily make a complaint. Just make sure to always respond in a timely manner.

An aversion to securing conversions

It is important to clearly define how you want to convert visitors and build this into your design strategy. So, if you want visitors to sign up to your newsletter, it is critical to utilise strong design techniques, a clear call-to-action (CTA), and perhaps an additional incentive to make this clear.

Working with a team specialising in web design in Yorkshire, such as Etempa (https://www.etempa.co.uk/), can help you to clearly define your CTA intentions and build a more successful, conversion-friendly website.

Technical jargon and industry buzzwords

You might think that technical language makes you sound more professional, but audiences want businesses to say precisely what they mean, using clear language that cannot be misinterpreted.

As this Forbes article states, your copy is one of the most important components of your homepage. There’s no point utilising innovative design techniques to highlight specific areas if your audience cannot anticipate what they should expect to find when they click on a link or follow a CTA.

Overcrowded webpages containing overwhelming amounts of information

Poorly designed webpages always fail to guide visitors smoothly to where they want to be. Instead, aim for cleanly designed pages which provide a few clear options to visitors, each of which will guide them directly to the information they are seeking.


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