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Are you getting good value for money from your TV package

The days when you could count the number of available TV channels on the fingers of one hand are long gone. There is now a bewildering variety of options available with satellite, HD, on demand and much more. Making sure you’re on the right package and it’s delivering good value is therefore more important than ever.

Are you getting good value for money from your TV package

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Subscription services

Sky is probably the best known subscription TV service in the UK, offering access to more than 300 channels, with around 50 in HD. It’s no surprise it’s the market leader. Pricing depends on the package of channels, but it can be expensive, so unless you’re really keen on its sport and movie offerings, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

Virgin Media offers fewer channels than Sky, but you can get Sky’s sports and movie channels through the service, though this pushes up the cost. BT has only 130 channels with 25 in HD. BT’s price looks comparable with Sky and Virgin, but bear in mind it includes fibre broadband too.

Free services

With a suitable receiver, Freeview won’t cost you anything. It gives you more than 60 TV, 25 radio and 12 HD channels. The latest Freeview Play boxes and smart TVs combine broadcast services with online access to catchup services and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You will have to buy the hardware though, and in Cheltenham TV aerial installation from a supplier like http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials/ will ensure a reliable Freeview service.

FreeSat means you need a dish – you can use your old Sky dish – and a receiver box. Freesat offers more channels than Freeview, and it’s a good choice if you live in a weak Freeview signal area.

Streaming services

Use of online video streaming is growing fast, driven by reliably fast broadband connections and a range of exclusive content. You can access it via your computer, via smart TV and through the boxes of Sky and other TV providers, or you can buy a low-cost dongle to plug into your TV.

Catch up services like the BBC’s iPlayer are free of charge, but there are also subscription services like Netflix, that allow you to get programmes on demand. The Amazon Prime service looks set to get a boost from the launch of the old Top Gear team’s new show.


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