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Are mice dangerous?

The short answer is – yes. There are several illnesses that can be traced to rodents.  There are diseases that spread to humans directly: through contact with rat droppings, saliva or urine, rat bites and mere contact. Diseases from mice can also be indirectly spread through fleas, ticks and mites that have bitten an infected mouse and then carry the disease to humans. Get help from Pest Control Chelmsford at a site like https://www.stgeorgespestcontrolessex.co.uk/pest-control-essex-services/pest-control-chelmsford/

Rodents make a big mess. In order to mark the place as their own, they begin to urinate and defecate everywhere. It is messy and nasty, to be sure, but the mouse waste also carries a number of known pathogens that can be very serious and cause health problems. As an example:

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Hantavirus – This is most often found in deer mice and is present in rodent urine and faeces. The virus can be transmitted to humans if they come into contact with one of these substances. Moreover, droppings and urine can dry out and turn into dust and that can carry the virus as well. The symptoms begin like many viruses as fever and chills, as well as muscle aches. If left untreated, it can soon become serious and cause shortness of breath and kidney-failure that can lead to death.

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Salmonella – because rodents such as mice go looking for food and will eat anything they can get their teeth on, this means they’ll walk all over the kitchen counter and in the cabinets, spreading dirt and bacteria. One of the most dangerous of them is salmonella, which if often simply referred to as food poisoning. Fever and severe abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea are symptoms and can be very serious and dangerous.


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